Was There a “Stelle Group” in Lemuria?


Question:   Was there a group like The Stelle Group in Lemuria?


Answer:     No. The Stelle Group has a specific job which requires that it exist for only 70 to 80 years. Its purpose is to get the city of Stelle under way. The city will be a major source of First Degree Egos who will help begin the Nation of God.


The overall program began about 21,000 years ago with the establishment of the first Lesser Brotherhood. The main purpose of the Brotherhoods is to provide Mankind with a learning device and to preserve for our use the knowledge that human beings have gained throughout the millennia. About 6,000 years ago, when the Pyramid of Gizeh was built, the Plan was organized in detail and specific nations and cultures established as stepping stones to the Nation of God. The United States was important to the establishment of The Stelle Group because it provides the conditions which make the development of Stelle possible—a balanced mixture of liberal attitudes, availability of materials, money, and people with a technological background. All of these things must be readily available to us after the turn of the century so that we can get the new Nation of God under way. Everything we need has been given to us—slowly but surely. The Brothers have allowed literally centuries for certain new attitudes essential to the tolerance of Their teachings to take hold in this country. In the 1920’s the manpower needed to further the work of establishing The Stelle Group and the Nation of God began to incarnate —and are continuing to be born. A carefully prepared table of organization, conceived by experts among the Masters over thousand of years for use by all the Lesser Brotherhoods now, was assigned names in 1962 to carry out each job. As some die, others are being developed to fill their places. Every job in that interlocking table of organization is essential, and someone will always man each position. (07-1971)