How Can I Learn What My Purpose in Life?


Question:     How can I learn what my purpose in life should be? Is it wise to try to contact the Brothers on the Astral plane to get this information?


Answer:       It is neither necessary nor desirable to spend your life figuring out what you should be doing. Every person has a set of goals he has outlined for himself. The goals I speak of are, basically, ways of operating in relationship with other people. When we relate to others with kindliness, patience, sincerity, tolerance and forbearance, our own character changes and eventually we can be said to possess these virtues as part of our being. These virtues enrich one’s life and benefit everyone who deals with him.


The Brothers provide ample opportunities whenever a person sincerely wants to become a better person. Admittedly, these learning situations are obscure at times. You may think that the way things are going you couldn’t possibly be learning anything worthwhile. But a lesson is there, and you are tested time after time to see how well you do. The Brothers are interested in your ability to pass temptations and move ahead. The Brotherhoods will never test you beyond your ability to respond favorably. But without determination you may fail. Whether or not you live up to your ability is a matter of personal choice. They also know your personal plans for this incarnation and the goals you set for yourself, and They will repeatedly provide opportunities for you to move in the direction which will lead most rapidly to accomplishment. You may pass these chances time after time, saying, “This is too difficult for me, “or, “I’m not really interested in this.”


There is really no way out of that difficult path, so They will keep providing opportunities until you finally take one and begin to learn the lessons you need. But, it is not through Egoic remembrance that you find the right way. (01-1972)