Who Were the Elders of Lemuria?


Question:   Who were those men who were called “Elders” who helped start civilization on Lemuria and were there women “Elders”?


Richard:    Those who were called the Elders were men who had removed themselves from primitive society and from the distractions of raising families and had gathered into what we might call a monastic retreat. The group of Elders who figured in the start of civilization were in the Mu valley. There were among them individuals who had learned to extend their lives more than a hundred years and some into the second hundred. They were persons who could have been granted degrees of Brotherhood but weren’t because there were no Brotherhoods then. During this time, there were no women involved. However, once the Lemurian civilization itself began, women also developed to the point where they could become Masters. And it should be remembered that no one can become a Master until such time as there is a person of the opposite polarity who is also ready to become a Master.


The Elders were contacted by our Angelic Host and were given clues to starting a civilization. Over a period of a hundred years or so, the Angels gathered together Egos into incarnation who had been rather inventive and had been more forward thinking than the average individual of those times. The Angels arranged to have these people incarnate at the same time in close proximity to one another so that when they grew up, they would be available to start the program of getting civilization underway. When enough Egos became Masters, the Angels turned over to them the job of directing civilization until mankind is capable of managing for themselves. Those who have achieved Mastership are essentially performing the same things for mankind that Angels did before there were Masters. Now the Angels have very little to do with directing mankind. The Masters, who number about 100 million, have taken over that job of protecting mankind. (02-1973)