Establishing the First Civilization


Q:     I have a similar question. In reading Dr. Stelle’s book, The Sun Rises, where Rhu and Hut were brought before a group of Elders that has reached, what you are talking, about on their own. If I recall, it has been a year since I have read that book, did they not also say in that book that there were Venusians and/or other Angels that were also helping the natural achievers accelerate their progress?


RK:  Yes. Those were the ones referred to as Lords and they were Angels.


Q:     Do you have any more information on that? That passage “struck me.”


RK:    Hiroto and Lethargos are the two main people who were acting in Lemuria where Rhu and Hut were and they were Angels. They were part of the exchange group that occurred between our  Angelic Host and those of other planets, in order to get rid of those who were found responsible for the destruction of Edenic conditions, so that there would be no further conflict between that group and the ones headed by Jehovah. I am trying to decide whether I should use the word, “Jehovah,” but you asked so I guess I had better. They volunteered to go work with Angels on other planets. They made an exchange and some of the people on those planets came here, inasmuch as so much had been developed, particularly on Mercury, that it was a good choice to have someone come and help us, in our more primitive state, to catch up with what was going on.


Q:     On the back of The Sun Rises, there is an explanation that it came from the Akashic Record. Dr. Stelle—


RK:  It was interpreted for Dr. Stelle by one of his Teachers.


Q:     Who was a Brother?


RK:  Well, Dr. Stelle was a Brother, too. This person, apparently, was far more expert in being able to read and transcribe the Akashic Record than Dr. Stelle.


Q:     My question is: Rhu and Hut, as representatives of—are they actually really two people who had this incredible experience through life doing this, or were they a composite of—


RK:  No. Those were real people. It was not a composite nor was their life all of that different from what most people had to put up with. They told some of the adventures that they had and they were pretty much what other people had: fights with wild animals, and what have you, hunting parties went out and took care of things, either for food or because a predator was attacking their herds, and—


Q:     Well, the perceptions that they had and the way they were able to—


RK:  Well, their perceptions were unusual. That was why they incarnated together. But they were designed and intended to get together to start the very first stages of civilization.


Q:     So they, by their own advancement—they must have been incredibly advanced?


RK:  Well, it never says that they were like Elders because they were not. I mean, they were young men. These guys—we are probably talking about in their early twenties, but they were willing to train themselves to be experts in a couple of things: one said, “We will make bows and arrows that were very special” and the other was able to shoot like a master and he was the first practitioner of Zen: he would close his eyes and could not miss. But, at any rate, the things that they had, caused them to be admired and respected by others of their own tribe and the tribes around them. But they had to prove themselves and demonstrate that they had something special, which they did. But if they hadn’t had those special characteristics, they would just been average people, and who pays attention to average people?


Q:     So, it was a combination of their expertise and their perception?


RK:  Right. But, remember also that other special people were brought into incarnation in the same area at the same period in the same time just in addition to Rhu and Hut: Org and Darg and those other characters, they also had special things to bring to bear. One was a good builder, another was a person who knew how to organize people for defense who came up with a new technique. He brought those things back with him again, I guess with different ideas. And they were very important to the process of getting things started. A lot of innovation was required. The people that were gathered together were innovators. They had been innovators in the past which is why they had been incarnate at that time.


Q:     One question about that. Dr. Stelle, in something that I read said that he was Rhu. Is there any truth to that? What about Dr. Zitco?


RK:    He was Hut. The people who were Rhu and Hut, a long time ago, are reincarnated again this time to the Lemurian Fellowship. Stelle was Rhu and Zitco was Hut.