Learning Through Intuition


     In further discussion, one person questioned how a woman working in the home would learn the structures of atoms, how to precipitate matter from the ethers, and such other highly technical matters necessary to attaining Mastership. A good reply was made that even an intense study of modern physics cannot afford the depth of knowledge about matter and energy sufficient for achieving Adeptship. The knowledge needed is the type learned through intuition, or mental perception. Being a part of the latent potentials of the human mind, perceptive abilities are available to every person—to the woman in her home as well as to the scientist in his laboratory. The majority of the Masters of this planet achieved Mastership during the Lemurian Civilization, which did not emphasize technology, and They had to learn atomic structure and biochemistry by mental perception. This would indicate, then, that a highly technical society is not necessary for Egoic advancement. In the case of The Stelle Group, however, a well-developed technology will be necessary for our success as an economic unit, for our physical survival at the turn of the century, and consequently for the establishment of the Nation of God. (07-1969)