Do the Brotherhoods Work with the American Indians?


Question:   Did the Brotherhoods ever have any influence upon any of the societies of American Indians?


Richard:    They had teachers from the Brotherhoods who would assist them. The Mississippi Valley Civilization, which was at the tail-end of its existence when the French explorers started canoeing up the Mississippi, was really the result of an influx of knowledge, not directly from the Brotherhoods, but from a group of Mayans who had migrated north from Yucatan, and they were responsible for bringing many civilizing ideas. Along with that migration, there were a few emissaries who came and actually taught the Brotherhoods’ philosophy to the Indians. This was for a total of about a thousand years starting roughly about 500 A.D. The Indians on the West Coast seemed to have been uplifted from having knowledge of things Lemurian. They had generally correct ideas on how to behave towards one another.


Question:   Was there a great deal of Egoic Advancement among these Indians even though they were not a technological society?


Richard:    No. But not being technical was not the problem. The Lemurian society which supplied almost all of the Masters that there are today was not nearly as technological as we are now. They had a number of inventions that they used for transportation, but their weaponry was far simpler than we have today. As far as home appliances and personal transportation was concerned, it was really quite primitive. But, their relations to one another, to God, and to their government was definitely superior to what we have today. That is what is important to maintaining civilizations. (03-1973)