Why So Many Egos Incarnating Now?


Q:   ††I believe I read in The Ultimate Frontier where there was indicated that a certain number of souls were created and then these have gone through a number of incarnations. I couldnít find the specific number but it seemed like it was less than four billion. If thatís correct, and there are our billion people on the world today it would imply that if we all have souls, some souls must exist simultaneously in several different people. Is this correct?


RK:   No. The number that was assigned to this planet is thirteen billion. On the average about one-sixth are in incarnation at any given time. Because some very special things are happening towards the end of this century, some of the very best and some of the very worst of Egos are flooding into experience what it is that they are coming in to experience. Many, of course, of some advancement have been persuaded to get The Nation of God started and they are kind of here out of place and out of time, but nevertheless to do a very important thing. And there are many who maybe are not particularly bad or good but have a lot of negative karma to be worked off from past errors and this is a good time to go through great tribulation in order to get rid of some of those. So, essentially there is something for everybody who has decided to incarnate at this time. But thatís why you have such a large number. Four and one-half billion or something is quite large and I expect it will get even higher before the turn of the century, even though famine, which is expected, oh, probably about the middle of this decades which will be essentially earth-wide, will probably nibble into that expansion to a considerable extent, but still, you could have as many as five billion people by the end of this century.

Some ten percent of those are expected to survive according to what those who see into the future are able to predict. So there would be about 500 million people survive throughout the world in various pockets. Mostly seemingly by chance but, there will be no place in the earth that would not be effected by another one of these three day earthquakes. And earthquakes are rare to normally last more than a minute. A three-day one is pretty spectacular. But, thatís as a skin slides, or the skin of the earth slides over the kind of magma underlayment that itís floating on. I donít like to usually get into too much of the emotional sides of that, so if I seem to be very blasť in saying things that are that unusual itís that I donít want to play it up.