Do Clairvoyant Parents Know Their Child’s Purpose?


Question:   Could clairvoyant parents contact the Ego who is planning to be born to them in order to learn the purpose of his incarnation?


Answer:     Clairvoyant parents could have a dialogue with the incoming Ego, but it is very doubtful that they could learn exactly why he is incarnating. After the incoming Ego has overseen which sperm will unite with which egg, he does not hover about nor is he any more available to people who are incarnate than any other Ego on the Astral Plane. An Ego functioning on the Upper Astral Plane enjoys an expansive consciousness. His awareness of his personal knowledge while he is in attunement with his Teachers and fellows on the Astral Plane becomes obscured as he “descends” to the lower vibratory states similar to the realm of those who are earthbound discarnate entities. In moving from the higher level of Astral consciousness to a lower level where he might converse with his prospective parents, the Ego loses certain abilities to perceive some of his inner Egoic characteristics and the purposes and plans for his coming incarnation. One’s plans and life-lessons are not known even to those who are First Degree while they are in incarnation. (07-1971)