Why Is Only 1/6 of Our Lifewave Incarnate?


Question:   You have mentioned that at any given time approximately one-sixth of the Egos of this planet are incarnate. Is there any reason for this number rather than some other percentage. Also, it seems that just a hundred years ago, there were not so many Egos inhabiting the Earth.


Answer:     By having one-sixth of the Egos assigned to Earth incarnate at any given time, it gives each Ego the possibility of reincarnating about every two hundred years as an average. Two hundred years seems like a reasonable time to recover from the last incarnation and plan the next. However, a person could immediately finish one incarnation and within a year incarnate again. Yet other persons may feel that there is not a civilization worthy of their hoped-for advancement; so they may wait for l5,000 years before incarnating. The figure of two hundred years is just the average. There definitely were fewer than one-sixth of the Egos incarnated during the last three to four thousand years. The negative thought patterns of the human beings just about everywhere on the planet then were at a very low state; so disease and disaster seemed to be much more prevalent, and therefore not many Egos desired to incarnate. Man is still trying to work his way out of these patterns, especially disease consciousness. One of the things that has helped us is the advent of antibiotics. One does not have to worry so much these days if they have the sniffles. Not so long ago the sniffle often led to pneumonia and death. (02-1973)