Incarnating Into Primitive Tribes


Question:   You say that assistance is given on the Astral Plane to help people plan their next incarnation. Why would anyone incarnate into a primitive tribe? Wouldn’t everyone be guided into areas where they would attain balance and gain further advancement?


Answer:     You have to deserve the situations you incarnate into. An individual who has negative karma to work out will be born into a situation which will allow him to learn the lessons he needs, perhaps to suffer as he has caused others to suffer, in order to continue his advancement.


Question:   Would incarnating into a primitive society necessarily preclude Egoic advancement?


Answer:     No, but it is a limiting factor. Primitive societies usually don’t demand much self-discipline—and sell discipline is the key to advancement. Discipline administered by others and constraint through taboos do very little to help an individual understand or develop himself. Analysis of each situation and disciplining oneself to cope intelligently and virtuously with the condition help induce growth. (02-1971)