The IRS Is a Private Corporation That Has Never Been Audited


The IRS is also a private corporation, Registered in Delaware, as a matter of fact. Its main function is to collect the interest on the loan that is owed to the Federal Reserve. That money does not go to run the government. That has been proven over and over again. None of the money that is collected by Internal Revenue Service, from private individuals and corporations, goes to the United States, in any way.


The IRS also has never been audited and it does not pay taxes. As a matter of fact, nobody knows how much money they actually collect and nobody seems to know exactly where it goes to. Wright Pattman [Texas Senator] tried for years and years to penetrate the veil that had been created by these laws and by the operation of these two organizations—the Federal Reserve and the IRS. It seems like there is a good possibility that there’s a little bit more control is going to be brought about in the near future.