A Hypnotized Subject Loses Control of His Body


RK: They can perhaps convince you through very pleasant cajoling to do this, and once they got you, you cannot break that of your own volition; not until the hypnotist decides to let you go are you let go. And, he can do anything to you in that period. I know it has been said and it is a myth that you would never do anything while hypnotized which is against your morals, and that is not so. You are inclined not to do anything which is against the morals of the hypnotist. If the hypnotist happens to have no morals, then there is nothing that you would not carry out because you are under thatóit is not you under those circumstances, it is your body that is functioning at the behest and command of the hypnotist. If he chooses to use your body as a tool for evil, you are powerless to do anything once you have turned your body over to that person.


Q:††† It is true then, if I hear what you are saying and correct me if I am wrong, itís not like a contract, that you are in, and this pre-statement: I will not... that you remain conscious; that doesnít necessarily mean anything?


RK: Thatís right, essentially. (11-1981)