The Motives of Hypnotists


Q:††† Just a question, not to carry that off the deep end, but out of curiosity, supposedly we have the information from a past life now thatís stored, isnít there something..


RK: Right; in your Egoic memory.


Q:††† What stands in the way, if it is possible, for us to be able to pull that knowledge up? I guess I am asking a two-phase question. First, there is sometimes a blockage in trying to get the information. What is it that causes some people not to be easily hypnotized; if that is answerable? Secondly, is that what blocks us from being more in tune with that past information?


RK: The answer to that last one is no, to my understanding.Many people are not hypnotizable because they are afraid to let somebody else take control of them. That is a healthy concern about such things which blocks the other person from being able to hypnotize you, if you say something like,ďI do not really trust that other person.Ē The ultimate trust trip is done by an unconscious medium or really any medium, to turn over some part of their brain to some unseen, unknown spirit who can be either benign or incredible satanic. You do not know what their ultimate motives are, or why would they even want to control that personís brain in order to be heard on the physical plane; because that is the means by which they can have an influence on human affairs over those who are incarnate: by gaining a voice from the spirit world to the physical plane through a medium. I could never allow myself to do that mainly because I do not know what their motivation is. (11-1981)