Definition of Hypnosis

Q:††††† As far as hypnosis is concerned, what is the mechanism there? Is there actually a mind-to-mind connection so that the person is actually perceiving what is in the mind of the hypnotist?

RK: That is essentially the process that is going on. But, so far as the person who is being hypnotized is concerned, his mind is asked to move aside, and that is usually what happens in hypnosis of a deep nature. You can share consciousness in the process of hypnosis, and you are aware that you are doing ridiculous things that a stage hypnotist is inducing in you that you canít stop from doing. You are consciously aware; physically aware of what is happening to you, but you still feel compelled to do it.

There is another kind where you completely step aside during the process of hypnosis, or actually forced aside, as the hypnotist takes over total control of your brain. What then happens is that the hypnotist induces in your brain the scenario that he chooses to implant in it. Then, when you come back into consciousness, itís in your memory, and that memory seems just exactly like the memory of a real experience; the person has no way of distinguishing reality from this induced scenario, which seems just exactly like a memory of something that you actually did.

Q: That also then is possible like automatic writing?

RK: Yes, automatic writing can be done through hypnosis.

Q: You are aware of it because you are still connected to your brain, but you are not actually in control of it.

RK: Right. You are not in control of your fingers if you are typing or your writing, and if you are speaking as a medium you are not in control of that part of your brain which controls your tongue and lungs and voice box. Another entity functions through that and actually takes on the characteristics of the voice that the controlling entity wishes it to have rather than being your voice. It is spooky stuff. Legitimate hypnotists have been able to duplicate that exactly. Of course, a human entity is primarily Mind power and he operates with that mind whether he is incarnate, functioning here on the physical plane, or discarnate functioning from the astral plane. His influence is precisely identical.

Q: You need a physical body for hypnosis to take place?

RK: Right, you do, because it is another personís mind control over your brain.

Q: It is not possible by mind-to-mind?

RK: Not in what we call hypnosis, because you as a human being incarnate now are controlling your brain through exactly the same process of hypnosis that another person uses when given permission by you to control your brain. (11-1981)