Who Were the Hyksos?


Q:      From what you said on [inaudible] I understood that the Druids probably build Stonehenge? Is Druids another name for Hyksos?


RK:    The descendants of the Hyksos, in Wales, are the ones who built it. They were the predecessors of the Druidic’s concepts in that part of the world. Remember Great Britain, at that time, was still attached to France; the [English] Channel did not exist until a few decades before Christ was born. Subsidence had occurred and does on occasion. It still does keep subsiding all the time. Le Mont-Saint-Michel, in France—a big rock where the fortress-like cathedral is built. That was built on a rock in a forest. The ocean was far far away at the time they started that. The fact that it is now surrounded by water when the tide in is something that has happened gradually over the centuries. That whole area is gradually lowering. The Druids were part of the Celtic people who were strewn all over western and northern Europe.


01:37  The story that is attributed to that must have been a corruption of what the Hyksos learned when they were in Egypt.


RK:    I think there was kind of a pincers movement that the Hyksos brought things to that part of the world—Wales, actually—by coming via the Mediterranean near the Atlantic to the shores of Wales. Celtic people came from western Russia and gradually infiltrated the whole of western Europe long before the Roman Empire started out. We are going back about three- to four-thousand years ago. So, there was kind of a pincers movement: the Hyksos came up from one direction, the Celts from another so that they actually ended up together in that part of the world, which is now Wales. (05-1982)