What Is the Reason for Homosexuality?


Question:    What is the reason for homosexuality and for people who undergo sex change operations?


Richard:      First, let me explain what it is not. It has nothing to do with whatever sexual polarities that person has been before. Only about 7% of the Egos of this planet can alternate between female and male in their various incarnations, and all of the rest of us are always female or always male and never change.


Homosexual problems are psychological and they are curable. However, when people have made psychological adjustments to their view of their environment and become tolerably comfortable, they do not want to change. Nevertheless, it is uncomfortable to go against one’s physical nature and the polar attraction we can have toward a person of the opposite sex. The person who elects to incarnate with the genitalia of both sexes or some combination of parts is either working out something karmic or is providing an experience for some type of lesson.