Is the “Hollow Earth” Theory True?


RK:    That has been going on for quite a long time. As a matter of fact, there is a rather legitimate scientist whose name escapes me right now who believes that all planets just keep expanding due to various and sundry geophysical forces until they become hollow. Not seeing any evidence yet, and I am sure there are a lot of people—I do not think it is a secret that could be kept if there was a civilization living on the inside of the Earth. Hitler, as you probably remember required the people to believe—those that were in the Nazi party—that everybody was living on the inside of the Earth and that the stars were really ice and not hot bodies and they were not very far away and all were inside of the globe with the rest of us.


As a matter of fact, he even instructed his rocketry experts to aim rockets at England based on the basis of the trigonometry saying that we were on the inside of the globe. But, they did not want to be sent away as incompetents to work camps so they would always jiggle the figures to work on the basis that we are on the outside of the globe. They were bombing England very well under those circumstances.


This philosophy was taught throughout Europe by the Germans who invaded and took over France and Hungary and Austria and Italy and what have you. All the children were taught this idea that the Earth is hollow and that we are living inside of it. With so many people having been convinced by whatever arguments that they brought to bear at the time that we really are on the inside of the globe, the Hollow Earth theory really makes good sense to them and they probably do not look at the other options.


Q:      We are on the outside but there is a second set of civilizations like a dual thing. Have you heard anything like that?


RK:    Oh yes I have. I just do not have enough proof yet to decide if that is true or not. I will grant that there is a possibility that some planets are perhaps hollow although when you examine the waves that come through the Earth as a result of major earthquakes, it appears that our globe has a solid core rather than a hollow situation. But maybe we are misinterpreting the—we meaning.. depends on what I read. People who are earthquake scientists and it seems to them the way they put together the numbers in the various charts that the Earth is, indeed, solid.


There have been some people who have said thee is a hole near the North Pole which is a very large size and you can enter into the Earth that way. There was one guy who wrote a book that claimed that Admiral Richard E. Byrd had, indeed, seen such a thing. Richard E. Byrd and his family have since been denying that. Somebody said it was a CIA plot to keep the Byrd family quiet. We have had all kinds of satellites in polar orbit, people have flown over that area over and over again, and nobody reports that there is one, and yet there are persistent feelings that somehow there is a vast depression with a hole in it where you can go see inside.


I would love to be able to explore the whole thing myself to see if, indeed, there is such a thing, but I stuck here like most of the rest of us so I have to go by the arguments between the people who presume to be experts. I would think it would be impossible to keep a huge hole just to the north of Canada a secret from the whole world for this period of time. But, stranger things have happened. Right now I do not believe there is a hollow Earth. Somebody may convince me otherwise with real sound evidence. (02-1983)




What Is the Basis for People Saying the Earth Is Hollow?


RK:    There is a scientist who speculated that the Earth is constantly growing, and since it was not adding mass, according to his formulas, it just had to displace itself from the inside. This was a man, as a scientist, figure out why it was that the planet’s continents are constantly drifting. He said it was because the globe itself was growing and it was pushing these things apart. Some of his arguments were pretty good, but there are flaws in those arguments. Since the Tectonic Plate theory has come up, we now have a pretty good engine for theoretically driving the continents apart and moving them around from once being Pangaea to spread around the globe. Then during the middle ‘30s, a gentleman in Germany came up with the idea really we are all inside the Earth. It just looked like we were on the outside, but really we were on the inside of the Earth. And the things that looked stars were really not stars, they were really ice which glinted back some of the sun. The reason why we stayed on the inside surface of the ball, which we call the Earth, was that there were rays from the Sun which pressed us to the surface all the time.


There was one big flaw in that theory however. What was nighttime. If the Sun was pressing us to the inside what happened when the Sun went away? That was why they had to make it an absolute requirement to hold a job in Nazi Germany because if you did not believe in the theory of Eternal Fire and Ice, which included the Hollow Earth, then you would lose your job. So, people, with great alacrity, signed a paper that they believed in it and they could keep their job.


However, these theories were taught throughout all of the conquered countries as well as all of the school children in Germany during World War II. So, there were millions of people who were taught, as children, that the Earth was hollow and they still keep writing books on that basis and find some justification for it.


I have patiently listened to all these different theories and tried to penetrate them and I have not yet been convinced. The earthquake experts seem to feel pretty sure they know where those waves are going and they are going through some phase-change inside which corresponds to a hot solid. So, I do not think there is a hole in the Earth.


People have said that there is supposed to be a very large hole to the north of a Canadian island which is way above the Arctic Circle. It is about two-hundred miles in diameter. You can just sail right into it and sail on the surface of the sea right down the side of this hole which is maybe one- to two-hundred miles deep and then you just continue sailing on the inside just like nothing happened. So far there is nobody who has said that they have actually done that. That is just what the theory says. It is just as easy coming back out again as going in, presumably.


There are polar satellites which do not show any hole or depression like that, although there are still people claiming that there is one. Many people said that Admiral Richard E. Byrd had verified there was such a thing and his family and Richard E. Byrd himself spent the rest of his life denying that particular statement because he said, “We never made it. I do not know where you get the idea that that can be said of anybody.” So, a hole two-hundred miles in diameter is very likely to be seen. Well, some people say that the government is suppressing all of those with misinformation. Many different governments which have satellites which travel from pole to pole. That kind of a secret would be hard to keep. I realize that governments can keep secrets, but that one is sounds a little bit too much. But, then again, we many be shown to be wrong. But, maybe I should just include me. (10-1983)