Hitler and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Things get complicated here so let me go back to some basics and maybe we can clear some of this stuff away. The term Communism had not come up at that time. Later on the Bavarian government discovered, about ten to twelve years after the Illuminati got started, what they were up to and exposed much of that information. The documents that were put forth are almost identical to the document which came out in the 1930s and were supposedly written about 1905 called, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.


That particular document was presumably generated by a group of Georgian Zionists, meeting in Zurich, in 1905. They purported a system of takeover by the Jews of the world. Since so many people who were historians were aware that this was essentially the same thing that the Illuminati had come up with back in 1876 in Bavaria, it was soon exposed as a fraud. The Jewish elders who met in Zurich really did not purport this particular document. It was planted in Russia and carried by a very smart opportunist who knew that Hitler was getting started and said, “Here is a whole program in how to take over the world. Hitler looked at it and said, “Yes. That would work. This is great. This really indicates that if we promote this idea that these Elders had actually said this sort of thing (and he never believed for a minute that it actually happened that way) that we can create all kinds of turmoil in Germany and get them riled up against the Jews and give them a cause to get their government pulled together into a new socialist way of operating.”


Origins of Nazism

The Tibetan mentalists were essentially totally in control, hypnotically, of Blavatsky through the whole thing. Indeed, some of the concepts of Blavatsky, which has to do with Aryan supremacy—Aryan blood being supreme over others, and the mutation of the earth that was supposed to come sometime around the turn of the century—to elevate those of Aryan blood into a new root race which would be far superior to anything else that was going on. That influenced a fellow by the name of [Karl] Haushofer, who was a general in the German army, who had been in the diplomatic corps with the German government in India where he learned about some of these things. He actually delved into all kinds of occult things. He became quite powerful as a black magician. When he came back to Germany, situations where so setup that he was taken with Hitler. When Hitler started into power he [Haushofer] undertook to make him a magician also. It was Haushofer’s ideas, that were taken entirely from Blavatsky’s super-race concept that was the philosophical foundation for Nazism.


So, Hitler found himself used by a lot of different people. There was the cult called, the Thule-Gesellschaft, which was an organization devoted to the study of black magic. He built them into—put them under their wing. A fellow by the name of [Josef “Sepp”] Dietrich taught him what he knew about black magic.


Industrialists’ Contribution to Nazism

Haushofer took over later on. Haushofer, using Hitler, was the best part. Hitler had already come to a point where he was pretty well known and had written enough papers that people were enthused about him. He was in the process of writing Mein Kampf, while he was a prisoner at Landsberg Prison, as a result of the putsch in Bavaria that didn’t work out. And Haushofer again outlined some of the techniques that the Illuminati had come up with: how to gain world control—the industrialists liked Hitler because was able to promote the idea of controlling labor and the government, so that there could not be any strikes; to control all the pricing in the country and manufactures from other countries that come in there to setup business and not have to worry about prices rising  and not have to worry about strikes and  unions; and was part of the great proving ground for the system that would provide great profits. They were already getting to be pretty sick and tired of the union movement in this country and in England. There was another of force that also was involved and that was the bankers; the international bankers who had learned how to gain control of practically all the currencies in the world through central banks that they had setup and controlled, including the United States. A fellow by the name of Warburg, from this country, knew about Hitler and arranged to deliver hundreds and millions of dollars to Hitler to set him up in power.


So, Hitler had the influence of the Illuminati working from many different directions. But it really was the Shamballa that were behind the whole thing and still is. Germany was just a trial run or a dress rehearsal for the Antichrist coming up later on in this century, to show how it could be done to spread chaos everywhere. (08-1981)