The Writings of Manley P. Hall


Q:      In regards to the Rosicrucians, indirectly, it appears as though a person involved with it, quite extensively, is a person by the name of Manley Palmer Hall. I have had the opportunity to read a couple of his books and, according to a west coast publisher, he is probably more prolific than Shakespeare. I think he has authored about one-hundred and thirty volumes. Could you comment on his background a little bit?


RK:    I do not know much about his background. He has been quite a traveler and he has probably dug into just about every metaphysical book from ancient times through medieval and, more or less modern times, in Europe and other countries; Arabia and India, etc. and kind of condensed it for English-speaking person’s understanding. He does not try to distinguish between things which are true and things which are not true, but rather all the things which are available in the literature of the ancients of Eastern- and Mid-Eastern-type of thought. He passes it all along and leaves it up to you to discriminate whether or not things are true or false. And, it was a very valuable exercise. He gets into things like magic and black magic and King Solomon's supposed connections with magical techniques to do things. I am disinclined to believe that Solomon had anything to do that because Solomon was the member of the Brotherhoods. (09-1982)