What Are the Four Bodies of Humans?


A man’s physical body, on the First Plane, is the slowest nutational rate. There is an Etheric pattern on a Second Plane, which is known as the Vital Body and this acts as a binding force that holds together the physical body that keeps the body recognizable from day-to-day, even though there are new cells. Some cells only last about two weeks. You will have a complete change-over of every cell in your body every seven years. The only ones that really seem to be lasting for any length of time are the nerves and the bones. And this, incidentally, also accounts for the effect that wounds heal; why they pull together into a certain shape again. I have seen people with hands that are badly mangled in heavy machinery, without any great effort, re-create some sort of cosmetic therapy on that hand. First, let it heal to see what you get. And in many cases it is perfectly normal after a year without having to intervene at all surgically.


Then third is an Astral Body, which is on Third Plane of Existence. Astral is just one of several names that possibility could be applied to that. Then there is the Mental Body on the Fourth Plane of Existence, which is where Mind Power stems from. Mental energy, incidentally, does not follow the same laws as the energy that is on the physical plane, by any means. There is a whole new ballgame involved with that. Time does not have an influence on mental energy.


All the binding forces occur on the Second Plane of Existence and the physical plane has to correspond to it. Much of the causality that we observe on the physical plane is actually caused on the Second; the physical plane is just the effect of such.


The Etheric Plane is approximately two thousand times denser than the physical plane. In other words, in the given cubic measure—let’s say a cubic centimeter or a cubic inch—there is about two thousand times as many atoms on the Etheric Plane as there are on the physical plane. And, therefore, the patterns which are created on the Etheric Plane have a very strong influence on what happens with the physical.