Why Did God Create Us?


Question:     Why did God create us in the first place?


Answer:       This is a very puzzling question that no one can answer finally. The best information that I have come up with is that God has created us as Egos with the same powers of Mind as His own in a system that is very highly organized. God provides every possible amount of incentive and information so that we can, over a period of many lifetimes of experience, evolve from total ignorance of how to use Mind to the point where we know everything there is to know about the physical plane. From there we can further improve until we attain Celestial advancement ourselves. You might well say, “God has created something of no personal use to Him and could have saved Himself a lot of effort.” Having once created human Egos, He provides them with opportunities and natural challenges in order to help them grow, and yet He never controls them. At the end of each Progression of the Life-Waves, God can see the Archangelic Egos move up to the Celestial Plane. These are the Egos who came to be His equal by their own effort and volition, and they would not even be there if He had not created them. Can you imagine any way of better glorifying your own creation than by giving intelligence and life to something that comes back your equal? Many of us have experienced the joy of rearing your own children and witnessing their evolution into fine Egos. Imagine what joy God must feel when trillions of Egos come back to Him having fulfilled all of that which He gave them the potential to become. He did not do it for them. He only set up the rules and the situations. They had to do it. I think that it would be immensely gratifying to any Creator to see his creations arrive at His own level, and He can embrace them and greet them with “Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you.” (02-1974)