Man’s Relationship to God


A young man expressed confusion over various theories he had read concerning the nature of man’s status when he advances to his highest possible level. He asked if God is One whom we actually blend into and become a part of, or if we become individual Gods. Richard answered that we maintain our individuality and freewill, without exception. When an Ego reaches the Celestial level, however, he has attained sufficient advancement to examine all possible alternatives for all decisions, and can thereby discern the one best answer to each question. Thus the entire Celestial Host naturally chooses the one ideal way, so that all operate in total concord and union at all times. (07-1970)



What Is the Brotherhoods’ Perception of God?


Q:      What is your perception of God?


RK:    God is the source of the Universe itself, the intelligent creator who put together the system so it would be self-replicating. Of course, in the process of doing that, whatever rules they setup, are God’s Laws. Everything has to function within those laws. There is never any exception to them. Even the so-called miracles are things which happen beyond the physical plane and fall within the laws of the Mental plane or the Etheric plane. Everything always has to go according to those laws.


We do not believe that the “high” God, the one created the whole thing is your personal guide. There is a whole hierarchy of individuals in accordance with their abilities can handle certain kinds of things. In other words, for simple prayers you do not need to bring God into the picture. There are people who are Archangelic or Angelic or even those who are various degrees of advancement within the Brotherhoods who can carry out that information and they receiver your prayer, even though they are human beings, they can receive your prayer as well as God can. We do not say that the Father-God is your personal God. There is a lot of help that is received from who knows who exactly. You do not necessarily have to pinpoint by name who is helping you or guiding you when you need guidance, but he acts in the name of God.


Q:      Do you believe in God as more of an entity?


RK:    The Supreme Intelligence. He is the source of all creation and love is the principle source of creation or the continuing source of re-creation. That is an energy which, in the Brotherhoods belief, springs from God himself or herself as the case may be. We do not know if there is a sex assigned to God, but I guess we can say they are either one or the other. (03-1983)