End Times — Overview


I think it is always wise to remember that when we talk about the so-called “End Times” it is not the ultimate end of the planet or human life there, but there are greater civilizations yet to be built by a remnant surviving this cataclysm which also, I should remind people, is not being brought about by Higher Intelligences but merely is the natural geophysical outworking of the construction of our planet.


There have been psychics, persons who are sensitive to the future, who have the ability to read the Akashic Record; the future. Some are genuine prophets who have all seen, essentially, the same kinds of things, but it is always been difficult to pinpoint in time when these are going to occur. As soon as the nation of Israel was formed again, that alerted all the Biblical scholars, particularly those interested in prophecy, that these, indeed, were the End Times.


I think there is going to be two general responses. One that this is the end; the world is going to be completely destroyed so there is nothing to be done except await your fate.


And then there are others who have picked up on Brotherhood information that survival will be possible for at least a tenth of the population of the world. In order to retain some semblance of civilization, preparation has to be made for the event if and when it occurs. I think it is necessary that every prudent man think that this is a possibility, because so much has been said from so many different fields of study.  If I give a list of things which are predicted, and one after another is coming true, then you can assume that more of them are going to be coming true and the whole pattern will fall into place, as the Brotherhoods have said.