What Is God’s “Prime-Directive” for Mankind?


RK:    God has one for you, but that does not necessarily mean you know that there is one. Fortunately, you do not have to accept God in order for God to help you.


Q:      What did you just say? Did you mean God has a plan for us which many people say?

RK:    Yes, an overall plan for all of mankind.


Q:      All of mankind, but not something specific that we should be doing?


RK:    Not as individuals. But it is a the “prime-directive” that has been built into us that is to make ourselves as totally compatible with the Celestial Host as possible. However many lifewaves it takes. We have to be compatible. There is all kinds of choices as to—there are emotions that God could have created in our souls because emotions come from our Egos or our soul and not from our brain. Our brain is not what generates them. I am sure that there must be—we say that there are five basic emotions and there are various combinations of those to get the full picture of all the kinds of things that we go through. But, God could have created other ones besides those. I do not know what they would be, but maybe we are experiencing some new stuff people that were created millions of years ago never had the opportunity to experience and this is something new that we are getting involved in. He can create anything He wants in our system. But, He also has created what powers that we have that we can develop. We did not create them, He did. And also that would imply He has only given us certain options. We have all of those options within us. Those are what He created. He could have created others, but He did not.


We are forced to deal with the options that we were given. Of all the choices, there is only a certain path that we can go and He established what that path is. There are no other options for that path. We can struggle with it or we can struggle against it. We have the choice to do all kinds of things. I like the analogy that life is like going through the line at the cafeteria: you can take anything that you want. The cashier says, “You pay for it,” when you get to the end. That is what life is like. So, there is a limit to these options and He set them up. Other people say, “Why can’t we do this, why can’t we do that?” Well, He didn’t set it up that way. So, we are following a channel or let’s say, we are following paths to the peak of the mountain. There are multiple paths that we can take, but there is only one end point and it is the same for all of us. We can either get their sooner or we can get their later. That is where we are destined to go. We do not have any other options.


I have heard many people argue on that. “Why can’t we do this? Why can’t we do that? I hate God.” But, when we get there it is going to be nice. Each stage is so much better than what we have had before. Each step up of intelligence makes our lives richer; each step up in our perceptions in what the universe is like to our command of the other Planes of Existence other than this physical one enriches us and beautifies our lives tremendously. That ain’t bad. He did not set it up to be harmful in any way. He set it up to be good. And it should be delightful on the whole trip.