Mysteries and Rays of the Brotherhoods


     A man in the audience asked Richard to name the seven Lesser Brotherhoods, the colors of the rays which signify them, and the particular mystery of each. Several people in the audience expressed an interest in having a written copy of Richard’s answer, so it is recounted here. Red is the ray associated with the Rosicrucian Brotherhood——that is, red is predominant in the auras of people who are very practical, and practicality is the Rosicrucian mystery. Orange is the ray of the Luciferian Brotherhood and relates to efficiency. Yellow is the ray of the Hermetic Brotherhood, whose mystery is precision. Green is the ray of balance and relates to the oldest of the seven Lesser Brotherhoods. Blue, the ray of the Essenes, signifies devotion. The Coptic mystery, love, is identified with the indigo ray. Violet is related to the Brahmic Brotherhood and signifies brothership of man to man. (06-1970)




What Are the Mysteries of the Brotherhood?


Question:     You have mentioned that each one has a certain attraction for certain types of personalities. Could you mention what those attractions are?


Richard:       Each one has a special mystery meaning a profound truth. They are mystery schools because they are essentially hidden or esoteric. That is what “mystery” has come to mean although it originally meant a profound truth. The seven schools and their mysteries are:

Rosicrucian Brotherhood — Practicality

Luciferian Brotherhood — Efficiency

Hermetic Brotherhood — Precision

Oldest Lesser Brotherhood — Balance

Essene Brotherhood — Love

Coptic Brotherhood — Devotion

Brahmic Brotherhood — Brotherhood


You can see why the Brahmic Brotherhood, for instance, centered in India, the land of the caste systems. There are reasons why certain Brotherhood schools crop up in different times and at certain places to fill the need of a population to learn better ways. (01-1973)