How Does One Become an Initiate in The Brotherhoods?


Question:     Once meeting the requirements, how does one become an Initiate in the Brotherhoods?


Answer:       Until 1936, there were six Brotherhoods that did initiate but only through the first four degrees. The Fifth Degree and higher was done by the oldest of the seven Lesser Brotherhoods. When one became an Adept, he could ask to be assigned to a particular Brotherhood to work within that Brotherhood. However, since 1936, only the oldest of the seven Lesser Brotherhoods has been initiating for any degree. (12-1974)


Question:     Why was that approach changed?


Answer:       Although the seven Lesser Brotherhoods still do specialize or appeal to certain personalities which need advancement in specific areas the oldest of the seven Lesser Brotherhoods was the first Brotherhood of any sort to be established, and its main object was to find out what it would take to reestablish a civilization on earth similar to that which was in Lemuria at its height. Inasmuch as this is the beginning of the latter stages of Their major work, They are coordinating the efforts of the other Brotherhoods, and They are the only ones doing any initiating at the present time. (12-1974)