When Was the Council of Seven Started?


QUESTION:     You know when the Council of Seven was started?


RICHARD:      It couldn't have been before 5000 years ago. Whenever they had at that time obvious they would be missing some of them. I don't know that it was even started then. Because the Thirteen School was the one that really kind of keeping everything together at that time. After they got established a little bit better and the Plan to initiate the Nation of God was very strongly finalize, which I guess was pretty much right about sixty-seven hundred years ago. Then there had to be some kind of coordinating body but at first I got the impression they're really wasn't much to coordinate. In the early centuries it seems like the Hermetic School had the brunt of the load. Meanwhile the oldest of the Seven Lesser Brotherhoods was delving mostly in to the theoreticals. What kind of things had to be avoided and what kind of strong points had to be emphasized, what were the minimums that were necessary in order for it be a success. But the Hermetics were deeply involved in working with human beings and they didn't have any competition in that area until the Essenes and the Brahmic were established, which was a full thousand years later.


As a coordinating body which is a subsection of the already coordinative of activities of the Great White Brotherhoods, I see their special usefulness being related to bringing about the physical aspects of the great plan to begin the nation of god. The council seven could be a fairly recent development. It may be only a hundred years old—or less, for that matter.


But I have no information as to how long the Council of Seven has existed, nor how long Quong has been the Head of the Lemurian Brotherhood. It seems to me, there would be other persons coming up who would be taking His place, but maybe just for this 100 years He is concentrating on that. I have a question in mind next time I run into John or Doctor White.


QUESTION:     You know what activities may be directly sponsored by the Council of Seven?


RICHARD:      No, I don't. I have my hands full with the one thing that I do know about. So do all of us here, for that matter.