Will the Nation of God Use the Bible?


Q:      Do you think in the Nation of God that we will place less emphasis on the Bible, or will we write a new “Bible”?


RK:    Well, the Bible is a historical document of both the Old Testament and New Testament. I do not think it would be messed with in any way. We could translate it as best we for our understanding, but I think there would just be new books representing the complete philosophy rather than revising the Bible.


Q:      Would we take out the books and chapters that were written for political reasons by people wanting to back up personal agendas?


RK:    I do not think it is fair to mess with it.


Q:      As I recall, one of your Teachers suggested that you read St. John and Isaiah and Matthew and some epistles of the New Testament, and to leave the rest alone. So you do not think we would carry it as far as leaving the rest out.


RK:    Well, as I say, it is a historical document.


Q:      Even though it is not accurate history?


RK:    Is there such a thing? History is always put out by the people who won wars and survived over the winters, so they always slanted things pretty much their way.


Q:      Do not the Brotherhoods have an accurate history of those time periods recorded?


RK:    Yes, particularly the Essene Brotherhood.


Q:      Would they release that information, do you think?


RK:    I am inclined to think so. But, as I say, it would be a new document, not a modification of the Bible. Some of the Nag Hammadi papers are real eye-openers from the first century of Gnostics and Essenes: the early Christians. I would recommend reading some of those translations from the Nag Hammadi documents. They are pretty fascinating. They present a different view of things than what eventually survived to become part of the New Testament.