Richard’s Meeting With Berkeley


Q:      Did you see the Brotherhood at John Mills? Were they physically there or was that in your mind?


RK:    Yes. Berkeley was there, but all rest of them—They created an image for me to see—created an image of themselves. To what extent, They were actually even their creating an Astral body around themselves, I don’t know.


Q:      I have attended there. It was…


RK:    You went to John Mills?


Q:      That really made it physical for me so I tried to figure out which room it was in.


RK:    When you went up the stairs, it was the first one on the alley side of the—


Q:      It was the music room.


RK:    That is where it was? Seemed like it had regular chairs in it at the time. I drive by there maybe once every four or five years. The place just changed dramatically. They have added an awful lot to it; where the original build was.


Q:      I was wondering about your access to it like why was it open and how you got in there?


RK:    I do not know how Berkeley got inside but he was dressed like a janitor and he opened the door just as I was scooting by. When somebody calls your name, you stop. I had never seen him before. As a matter of fact, I have never seen any of the janitors.


Q:      Haven’t you been more natural …


RK:    Yes right. But, I did not go in there until such time as he said that you and I have mutual friend in Dr. White. Then everything felt differently. I was supposed to going in there. I do not what he would if I had said no.