Is There Anything Credible in the Writings of Dr. Peter Beder?


Q:      Thereís an author; his name is Peter David Beder. He wrote a book called Conspiracy Against the Dollar, and apparently he was also the legal counsel for the Exxon Bank during the Kennedy administration, and apparently he doesnít have a lot of credibility with a lot of people, but at one point he claimed that the United States had laid cables off the different coasts and powered them with nuclear reactors to control the steering currents for the weather patterns and they were able to control the weather in some measure by that means.


A:      People got all excited about some of the things that Dr. Beder wrote. They investigated and didnít find that any of the things he said were there or the places that he said were there. He also said that the Russians had planted H bombs in al the rivers and off the coast of the United States, in the major lakes and what have you. He gave exact locations down to the second, which means within a hundred feet, and nobody was ever able to come up with any of those things either.


Q:      If they had, they would have kept it secret, wouldnít they? I mean, itís just as easyó


A:      He said he had access to all of the things that ________ had put out.


Q:      I had some of those tapes that youíre talking about, and he said that he met with the Defense Secretary at that time; I think his name was Harold Brown, and gave that information to him and that the United States had removed those surreptiously, under the cover of secrecy. All Iím saying is that itís hard to prove that it was; itís hard to prove that it wasnít. In a case like that, how can you know whoís telling the truth? Because it would be in the United States military interests to keep that secret, would it not?


A:      Right, but I donít know ifódoes everybody know enough about how the air and water currents operate in the long run to be able to manipulate any of those things safely?


Q:      Thatís true. I donít know where to go with it from there. I just wanted to know your opinion on it.


A:      A fellow by the name of Tom Valentine was connected with The Stelle Group for quite a while. He really became interested in what Dr. Beder had to say, and he went there and talked with him and spent quite a bit of time listening to him and investigating his sources and other things, but his conclusion was that people in the primarily Rockefeller end of the banking group, were feeding him all of this insane stuff in order to destroy his credibility, and that seemed fairly logical to me. Because he was taking it justó you know, whatever they were saying, he thought, Wow, this is inside information. It comes right from the top. I will publish it.


Q:      But he also claimed to be working against the Rockefeller interests.


A:      Well, nobody hears anything from him anymore. Nobody knows what to believe, and so they just believe nothing.