What Is the Brotherhoods’ Way of Helping People?


Q:     Some time ago you mentioned something like—this is the gist of it—“In reaching Initiation, you are essentially going sane.” Could you regard becoming a First Degree Brother as attainment of advanced balance?


RK:    We’ve often talked about that there’s a balance required between the rational, the practical, and the emotional/faith sides of a person’s makeup. These are aspects that need to be balanced in order to live life most effectively and happily. That balance has to already be characteristic of an individual who achieves Initiation. I don’t think that because a person achieves First Degree that he has all the answers needed to be considered of advanced balance. The more one knows, the more he can operate sanely—by which I mean, his actions and decisions best conform to higher realities that are closed to the average Joe. As an Ego gains more and more knowledge of the first four planes of existence, his grasp of ultimate verities and his personal wisdom increase way beyond our cultural mythologies and customs. As great saints know all too well, the masses are dangerous to Them because of people’s hot-headed unwillingness to accept ultimate Truths which go counter to cherished and time-honored untruths. (01-1990)