What Is the Brotherhoods’ Way of Helping People?


Q:    We’re all wanting to bring some kind of balance into our lives, hopefully to get toward Initiation, but some people may have a very one-sided view of life. How do the Brotherhoods approach someone to balance him out?


A:    When you study under one of the schools originally founded by a Brotherhood, you keep moving closer to­ward the center of the extremes. It sometimes takes many years to actually get to that point, but that is what they are up to. To get your attention in the first place, to get you to do anything, They must first offer something that interests you and is more in line with your usual way of doing things. If you are an exceedingly practical type of person, a hard-headed businessman who’s into construc­tion or something like that, and somebody comes to you with an approach to wisdom couched in flowery terms and lovely spiritual thoughts, you will probably say that these people are too far out, that that is no way to make a dollar. But where somebody promises you that they can show you how to make more money, increase your effi­ciency, and so forth, then as time goes by you can find out that certain cosmic principles work. They start putting other things in your path-things that you don’t have much experience with, and that begin to sound quite idealistic, but useful and valuable to you. Bit by bit, They begin to lead you toward the centerline of balance. It seems indirect, but it works. That’s the way with all instruction. It’s a modern way of doing things. You get children into a school and you start giving them story-books and get them to learn something without their realizing it. (01-1986)