Origins of Black Mentalism


     Richard was asked to give a history of the development of Black Mentalism. He said that the first Egos who began to adopt certain negative attitudes tending toward Black Mentalism were those in Lemuria who had become priests of the churches. The government of the Empire had established beautiful churches with showy religious services in hopes of attracting the non-Citizen laborers to the spiritual advantages of the philosophy of the Citizenry and to encourage them to study Universal Law. The plan failed, however; for the laborers never aspired to study the higher precepts, and the priests gradually grew to dote on the personal adulation and worship of their congregations. Thus developed in the priests one of the principle attitudes characteristic of Black Mentalism: the desire to control others.


     Although the priests were eventually driven underground by the government, their influence on the laborers continued to grow. Finally, the more impractical laborers, known as Katholis, were induced to move with their priests to previously unsettled continents—principally to India. There a priesthood rule was established which literally enslaved the minds and lives of the general populace.


     Then, about 8,000 to 9,000 years ago, Black Mentalism began to develop in North Africa, primarily in the area known today as Libya. The people who originally settled there had immigrated to this area from Atlantis prior to its submersion. Known as Osirians, they became very much interested in the development of mind power and had discovered many fascinating things which the human mind is capable of performing. Unfortunately, this positive study of mind power was misdirected by Egos who incarnated among the Osirians. These Egos had been priests in Lemuria and India and they incarnated in this area expressly to learn mental powers for nefarious purposes, especially for control of other people; and their influence greatly damaged the later Egyptian civilization.


     Some Egos started on the road to a form of Black Mentalism by trying to help people. An advanced Ego who took an assignment to aid a certain tribe or group of people might have been unable to refrain from paternistically manipulating the people and their environment to the point where they became like children who had all their problems solved for them. This is in violation of Natural Law, however, for no one has the right to manipulate or interfere in the environment of others to the extent that they are not challenged to solve growth-inducing problems. The Brother who does so gains much negative karma and loses his association with the Brotherhoods even though he retains his mental powers. Being an outcast, he must make karmic restitution to rejoin the Brotherhood. But some find this too painful and instead continue their destructive activities without developing an attitude of hatred. Their hope of progressing to Angelic existence, however, is cancelled by their negative karma.



Did Black Mentalism Originate on This Planet with Humans?


Q:      Is it correct that evil or Black Mentalism originated on this planet with humans?


RK:    Yes. It probably had a lot to do with revenge. Most of it seemed to have gotten started toward the end of the Atlantean civilization. It arose in Atlantis, Egypt, and India all kind of simultaneously. The Egyptian are the ones we know more about because we have more history and records about their influence and, essentially, their taking over of the ruling class of Egypt and, essentially, setting up a pantheistic religion where there were just thousands of gods to terrorize you and require you to placate them. It was not exactly the same things as having to buy candles for, to but them at peace, and to give sacrifice to. Of course, the priests always got the sacrifice. It was a good way of making a good living.


In India, today, much of the same techniques are still going on continuously of people who are “holy men” who are, essentially, preying on the people who are instilled with an acceptance of the kinds of superstitions they have to offer.


In Atlantis, it occurred when there was a plea by people in the Yucatan area to escape from invaders from the south who were really pressing them very hard and they wanted to escape to Atlantis. The Atlanteans allowed them to come into Atlantis. The people who came from the Mayan area also brought their priests along with them. The priests saw a system that they had never even dreamed of before as far as controlling people and that was the things that the Brotherhoods had learned how to do. It had to do with mental powers. The Mayans and their priests decided to become educated in these techniques and to use it to control their own people and other people. That was really the beginning of the use of very profound mental powers that could be used to hypnotize other people or control them through sorcery being put to use for the purpose of self-aggrandizement.


Those priest and their followers were, as a result, exiled to another deserted island to the north of Atlantis. And there, amazingly, they were able to attract more and more Atlanteans over the next couple of generations to join them on their island and become one of their members. They were usually disgruntled youths who would get in there. Of course, those Mayans, on that island, which was called Thule, were pretty much dedicated to undermining Atlantis as much as they could just out of revenge. The kinds of powers they had over the individuals who were their followers were just incredible. They got into all kinds of perverse sexual kinds of activities, which most witches know work very well.


They also got into human sacrifice, which was essentially the beginning of human sacrifice anywhere on the globe. The Thuleans were the ones who did that. That idea began to spread to other places where people who were interested in being all-powerful priests could learn some of these techniques and also use the terror techniques of making a person a human sacrifice if they too difficult to deal with otherwise.


When Atlantis sank so did Thule. Unfortunately, the people on Thule knew that it was going to sink and they left and went to an Atlantean colony that was set up and they kept bugging those people from that time forward until today. And they are still at it. Those Thuleans now live in caves in Tibet and call themselves Shamballists or Agarthis and have, essentially, dedicated their lives to undermining mankind in whatever way they can.


Q:      Black Mentalism itself started around the time of the end of Atlantis?


RK:    Right. It seemed to emerge almost simultaneously, but within a couple of—maybe a person would incarnate and learn some of these things and then incarnate again into another land using some of those techniques that were sort of second nature to him even though they were not conscious of it. He came into that next incarnation and they soon seemed to bloom. They have always had a world-wide communication between one another using mental telepathy much as the Saints have used telepathy in order to maintain Their communion.  (02-1983)