What Is a Black Mentalist?


     A woman asked what a Black Mentalist is. Richard replied that all of us tend to employ mentalism in one way or other in our first gropings to control our environment. We may desire those around us to be different in some way—to pay more attention to us or perhaps to leave us alone entirely—and our wishes may impinge upon them through the effects of our mental precipitation. Those who have achieved greater advancement realize that they cannot afford to modify others by mental means. A Black Mentalist is one who uses his mental powers to consciously exercise control over others, The term “Black” Mentalist is used because of the hatred of these beings for Mankind, which lowers their vibrational level making their auras appear extremely dark and murky. Much can he done by mental power to control our own environment without controlling other people. Any attempt to control others is self-defeating, for it inevitably incurs karmic indebtedness. (10-1970)



What Is the Definition of Black Mentalists?


Q:    In reading the book, I think I kept looking for, maybe a clearer identification, or maybe the word would be definition I’m not sure which word there, of The Black Mentalists. The question would be, “Could you define Black Mentalists?”


A:    These are essentially spirit entities who have developed great mental powers. They are really quite intelligent, but their outlook is one of great hatred. They are the great haters of the world. Fortunately they never come into incarnation, because we would have a difficult time dealing with them, but they can operate by through a system of telepathic hypnosis through people who get into the occult or are hateful or power hungry people like Hitler. They could work through him and might just as well of been here. And these mentalists have such a, well they have such large karmic debts that there is no real way for them to, even if they could incarnate continuously from now until the end of the progression of the Life Wave which is some 7,000 years from now, be able to get themselves moving in the right direction so as to achieve Mastership. So, since they cannot have the prize, they seem to have sort of an all pervading bitterness, deciding that they’re going to keep anybody else from having it either. I don’t know if you can understand that kind of thinking, but I think I have gotten a grip on it from some people’s arguments who happen to be kind of the same turn of mind.


Q:    So they have always been spirit entities?


A:    No, they used to be human beings, incarnate just like you and I. They are human beings also, but they don’t incarnate. They are restricted to living on the lower Astral plane. The reason why they are called Black Mentalists is because their hatred is so great that their aura has no brightness in it at all. It is very muddy, very dark. We often speak of Beings of Light as being those who are of great advancement; well these are Beings of Darkness and they are very intelligent and they have a lot of skills in how to manipulate the brains of other people. But, they are not happy people by any means. They, and people like the Shamballists and Agarthis in Tibet, who they have controlled for a long time, or helped to, let’s say, turn against mankind, have been the ones who have been responsible for the mass slaughterings of whole cultures. Things that are going on in Southeast Asia today, where literally millions of people are being slaughtered by others of their own population. The kinds of genocide that occurs between the various tribes, for instance, in Africa, where three major tribes, or something like that, will become part of a new republic, and then one tribe manages to get most power and then they try to wipe out the other tribes. The hatred that exists between Arab and Jew; the resentments that flare up constantly between the Protestants and the Catholics in Ireland, these are constantly being fed by these nether entities and by those who have learned, whether they’re incarnate or decarnate, the methods of imparting hatred and fear to other people through a telepathic hypnosis technique.


Human beings left to themselves want to love one another and be at peace with one another, but so long as they have these other types constantly stirring things up, we will not have peace here. Yet, no one would be susceptible to these kinds of things if they were not already prone to hatred and fear, because those are the kinds of thoughts that put you on the same wave length vibrationally, as it were, with the nether entities: you put yourself on their wavelength. You become a ready receptor of what it is that they have to spew out in the way of their garbage. If the world really had a Christ Consciousness, then such entities would have absolutely no power over anyone. (08-1983)