Modus Operandi


     Black Mentalists telepathically induce mental suggestions into the minds of people. If these suggestions are dwelled upon, they have power to influence and disturb. If disregarded, these suggestions are powerless. A fearful or negative person naturally opens himself to the influence of the Black Mentalists because such emotions are attuned to the lower forces. But the individual who does not allow negative thoughts or attitudes within his being, who constantly maintains a cheerful outlook and who conscientiously strives to do what is best in all circumstances, naturally attunes himself to Christ and the Brotherhoods and does not interfere with the inherent protection accorded everyone. (11-1969)




How Do Black Mentalists Exert Their Power?


Question:     I would like to know what channels the Black Mentalists exert their power through and how their powers manifest.


Answer:       Black Mentalists influence people who are alive by those people opening up channels of direct communication with them. This is usually opened through a long-term attitude of fear or anxiety. When you begin to get to the point that you are so fearful that you start hating things, then you put yourself on the same wave length that lower entities operate on, and this allows them to communicate with you. The happy person is probably never influenced by these lower entities. Entities may try, but even if they manage to project perverse thoughts into their minds, happy Egos just do not pursue them. If you try to traffic with lower entities, then you really have your hands full; for they begin to take over after awhile and try to get their ideas expressed on the physical plane through you in any way that they can. (02-1974)