How Destructive Are the Black Mentalists?


Q:      Didn’t they see the karmic repercussions when they got started and how it could lead to their own disaster?


RK:    Yes. They managed to find all kinds of techniques to keep from dying too soon and keep those karmic effects at a distance. But, eventually they do have to go through transition and, in which event, it all comes due. But by that time they decided to join the ranks of the Black Mentalists who they used to call up from the spirit world to aid them in whatever their things were.


The Black Mentalists have never really been able to get organized themselves because none of them have the personalities to be able to work in cooperation with other Black Mentalists in order to accomplish some particular goal because they always argue who is going to be boss. They spend so much time with that that they never really can work in a coordinated effort. Those human beings who are part of the old Thule group, even though there are many generations have occurred since then are kind of experts of all these techniques of undermining people and they have used the influences of nether entities to aid what it is that they are trying to accomplish.


So they are real “dogs-in-the-mange.” They have undone a lot of people. And they are still doing it. They, probably more than anybody else, are into whatever kind of techniques can be used to undermine people today: they make music popular which witches have been using for a long time to make people angry and degrade them, they use particular rhythms, whatever tunes they add to them are immaterial, and making drug use popular particularly getting into hard-drugs which are really destructive to an individual. There is a concerted effort on the part of many nether-entity types to undermine mankind. They are incredibly successful at the present time. (02-1983)



Have Black Mentalists Ever Tried to Destroy Your [Richard] Work?


Q:      Do you think that Black Mentalists have come in to [Stelle] destroy?


RK:      It does not have to be Black Mentalists. Greed is all that is required in many cases to undo things that we are doing. Look at these successful corporations which are raided by—people take over the place and then bleed all of the assets out of it and then just kind of spit out the shells, as it were. Here was a company that provided work for a lot of people, provided materials that people wanted in the world, and now the corporation’s gone. Somebody, at a discounted price, as it were, managed to raid the place and take out all of the good stuff for themselves. They got wealthy. The stockholders lost out because the corporation just folded. So that is the answer to a lot of things. It is greed, desire for power, jealousy, seeing something good being built. (02-1990)