The Forum

Frequency Asked Questions



Question:    What is the Forum?

Answer:      The Forum is an area of this website where people can share their thoughts on the various topics presented in The Ultimate Frontier and let everyone know how they are putting the principles of the Brotherhoods’ Philosophy to work in their lives. You can either send messages to the Forum or read the ones already posted—click the “Post” or “Read” words, respectively.



Question:    How do I post a message?

Answer:      In “The Forum” area of the website, click the word, “Post” and fill in the fields. Fill in your Name, Topic (subject), your Email address, and Comments which is the text of your message.



Question:    Can I reply to an interesting message?

Answer:      Yes. While reading the message of interest, click the “Post Reply” word and fill out the fields just like posting a message.



Question:    How do I read the messages?

Answer:      In “The Forum” area of the website, click the word, “Read.” The list comes up showing the latest message. Scroll toward the beginning, as desired.



Question:    Are there any restrictions on what can be posted?

Answer:      Oh, yah!  This is a moderated forum which means that all messages are “cleared” before showing up for others to read. The rules are:

                    1) No discussion of personalities—only ideas,

                    2) No abusive or derogatory language,

                    3) No advertising, and

                    4) No promoting of philosophies other than that of the Brotherhoods.