The Sensitivity of Life to Other Life and the Environment


By Richard Kieninger


Occidental thought is characterized by its tradition that man is the mea­sure of all things and that the welfare of the individual is foremost. The oriental attitude, on the other hand, sees man as but another form of the Creator’s Work and as equally subject to Nature and fate as the tiger or the fish. Eastern philoso­phy assigns individual man to being but a cog in the body of mankind and places the welfare of the human race above the individual. All of the Brother-hoods espouse the occidental viewpoint, but some of their Eastern schools are still influenced by the oriental background of their students. The occidental emphasizes man’s Will, whereas the oriental emphasizes his oneness with and influence by all other life forms. There is much to support the oriental view as far as it goes.


The four bodies of a man—physical, Vital, Astral and Mental—are sensitive receptors of currents and forces which unceasingly impinge upon him. On all four levels, each of us is plugged into the universe. One’s Vital Body receives its sustenance from radiations of our Sun on the second plane of exist­ence. These energies flow into the body along very distinct paths and channel into all the vital organs and then flow out of the body again. The clairvoyant person can perceive this etheric flow as if the human body were a magnet sur­rounded by iron filings on a piece of paper designed to show the magnetic lines of force. The Kirlian photography device has been developed which causes brightly visible streams of electricity to flow from any living organism when it is placed in the device’s high-voltage, high-frequency electrical field. Interestingly, the visible, physical streams of electrical discharge follow the etheric patterns established by the lines of outflow of the plant’s or animal’s Vital Body. In effect, the lines of flow of energy out of the body are made visible to the camera. These lines of flow, which have been photographed and observed in the labora­tory, correspond exactly to the acupuncture charts developed centuries ago by Chinese physicians who treat disease by re-establishing the proper flow of vital energy to diseased organs with the use of fine metal needles inserted into the skin of the patient at the point where the lines of force enter and emerge from the skin. The best acupuncture physicians are clairvoyant, as might be expected. The machine may also be used in the future to diagnose disease since disruptions in electrical discharge from the acupuncture points can be seen even before symptoms of disease become manifest.


It has long been observed experimentally that plant seedlings will grow exceptionally well if a human being directs loving thoughts towards them; and if hateful thoughts are directed towards the seedlings, they can be made to wither and fail. This can actually be measured with sensitive instruments. A Canadian researcher has devised an electrical sensor which detects differences between emotional states of a person. Depending upon the electrical wave form devel­oped on metal plates between which a person stands, this researcher has been able to record and re-broadcast this soundless emotional energy towards other people. Loving and happy emotions beamed at ill or mentally disturbed patients will soothe and calm them. Hateful and hostile emotions beamed at normal people make them agitated or angry even though they are totally unaware that they are the subject of an experiment. Little wonder that emotions are conta­gious.


If a plant is mutilated or plucked out of the ground, a neighboring plant will register the event through the sensitivity mechanisms of its Vital Body which also gives rise to measurable electrical pulses. Encephalographic electrodes planted in laboratory animals will record a sharp peak in the brain of a mother animal when her babies are killed, even at great distances from her. Similar electrodes wired to people’s brains and muscles reveal that everyone is sensitive to the force fields surrounding underground water and ore lodes even though they don’t always transfer their reaction to move a dowsing rod they are holding. Plants tend to grow poorly over such force fields in the earth, and animals will tend to avoid sleeping near them. Mans’ sensitivity to minute variations of geophysical anomalies is even more apparent in the effect the moon has on man’s behavior. To a lesser degree, the relative positions of the planets in the heavens also modify the gravitational and etheric force fields to which man responds. (Gravity is the physical manifestation of the binding power of etheric patterns on the second plane of existence.) Experiments in telepathy indicate that when thoughts are beamed at a person, a minute but measurable amount of blood distends his extremities even though he had no conscious perception of receiving any impression or message. He may, however, sense a slight blushing or warmth.


I think it can be seen that man is more sensitive to his environment and to other living creatures than he is generally aware of. It is a poetic but real sentiment that “when a man somewhere in the world dies, a part of me dies with him.” Wars literally depress the whole planet of men, animals and plants. Hatred and love are real energies to which all life forms are responsive. We each have within the power of our creative wills to bathe the world in positive, loving thoughts. Everyone is sensitive to our environment, and we have the potential of detecting and counteracting deleterious influences by use of our wills.