By Richard Kieninger


It has been established that one of the prime requisites for a person’s acceptance into the Brotherhoods is that he enjoy a deep sense of personal happiness. The obvious advantage is that the happy person is not a focal point of discord and irritation among people who must work closely with each other; but what is most important is that only the person who is happy can adequately fend off the encroachments of the Black Mentalists. Every person who actively allies himself with the Great Work of the Brotherhoods finds himself the object of much attention by the Black Mentalists; for the closer a man comes to the truth, the more important it is, from the viewpoint of such distorted Egos, to destroy him.


Happiness is the natural state of the emotionally balanced person regardless of age. On the other hand, the person who suffers from feelings of inadequacy constantly compares himself unfavorably to those who are competent, and he must tear them down in order to justify his own shortcomings. The person who is inept in his dealings with the opposite sex hates the persons who seem readily accepted. The person whose obnoxious habits cause others to avoid him soon comes to hate society and himself as he becomes a miserable loner. The person who has been trained to believe that the basic human drives are sin must soon come to despise himself and a God that would create such an inherently frustrating existence. Yet it must be said that every happy person has at one time experienced the problems of unhappiness cited above. The difference is that he has successfully come to terms with himself and his relation to others. In other words, he had become well adjusted to his abilities, native limitations and environment. Moreover, his adjustment often required painful self-analysis and reformation of his own condition. As a person becomes happy, competent, outgoing and positive-thinking, he does not regard other persons as threats to his ego esteem; and by being unafraid he can expand into richer interpersonal relations which elicit positive acceptance from others. In fact, he tends to accen­tuate the goodness in every person and in every situation he encounters. He can afford to be happy to see the success of others and to applaud their superior talents without envy. Above all, the happy person can give of himself without the shriveling fear of getting less in return than what he gives. He expands his circle of love, and he grants freedom to all because he does not need to control others in order to feel safe from their imagined encroachments. He is complete; he is attractive; he is brightness; he is MAN! His positiveness places him in sympathetic attunement with the Great Beings and Their joyful nature. The Black Mentalists find no inroad because their implanting of negative thoughts can take no root in his thinking. Evil, fearful and hateful thoughts are simply rejected and not dwelled upon; therefore, they do not become a part of his views. Furthermore, his morality rejects contemplations hurtful to others.


The most effective way the Black Mentalists can interfere with a happy man is to influence a weak person who is an intimate part of his environment—such as a family member, business associate or spouse. For parallel reasons, the Brotherhoods cannot afford unhappy persons among Their associates; they would be weak links who could be attacked effectively by Black Mentalists. The Black Mentalists prey upon the fears and hatreds of the unhappy person to make him even more determined to vanquish “the people who threaten his security.” Most of us are appalled by the obvious possession involved in schizophrenia where a decarnate Ego battles an incarnate Ego for control of his body, but we tend to regard as commonplace the many degrees of paranoia where a Black Mentalist at a distance keeps a person in a state of mental anguish and irritation for fear of his “enemies”—i.e., the new man the boss just hired, the foreman who demands a full day’s work, the competitor whose efforts and products are excellent, the new neighbor with a foreign accent who must surely be a Communist, the man whose skin is a different color, the “subversive” people who attend a different church and lodge, the younger generation, other nations—enemies all! The piling of one fear upon another eventually brings emotional exhaustion to the unhappy person, and he strikes out against symbols of his hate or sinks into despair and decay. The unhappy person’s negative mental activity disrupts his Vital Body so that sickness of body adds to emotional sickness. He sows the seeds of failure in his every venture, and the cycle of fear, worry, hatred, failure and despair goes around and around in a descending spiral.

The susceptibility of the unhappy person to the Black Mentalists’ telepathic suggestions leads him to a destruction of his faith in the Greater Beings and lack of trust in his fellowmen. Therefore, those who seek admission to the brotherhoods to work toward human perfection should be sure of their happiness in order to successfully resist the inevitable pressure from nether forces. Membership in the Brotherhoods demands the resistance-to-buffeting which only the emotionally mature and happy person can sustain. The fate of civilization cannot be entrusted to any but competent, loving, balanced Egos.