Ask Richard: The Nation of God


by Richard Kieninger



Is the Kingdom of God any different from your idea of the Nation of God? Who will live there?



At the Last Supper, Christ said, “I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.” (Mark 14:20) One doesn’t drink except in the physical, so He is talking about a Nation of God on Earth. The Brotherhoods’ concept is of a nation which is made up entirely of Initiates, and higher, as well as their children. Since the adults in the Nation of God will be Brothers, and because, by Cosmic Law, an Ego is allowed to incarnate only to parents whose level of advancement is equal to or less than the incoming Ego’s, then the children in the Nation of God must have been Initiates or higher in previous lifetimes. The Nation of God will be a recapitulation of all the good things from Lemuria and Atlantis plus, hopefully, our innovative improvements. The Nation of God will be a place where people who are really interested in uplifting themselves and maintaining a beautiful environment (which also is useful in uplifting oneself) can live with one another to work together and to create. Indeed, human beings are able to create anything that they want. We can have any level of beauty or perfection or technical competence that we are willing to work toward. We can do it. A bug-a-boo that has always limited us in the past has been fear of cooperation, and this seems to have its source in the individual’s perception that he must protect himself from other people. (This may be real or a projection of one’s own attitudes.) A thing which we all have to learn very well is cooperation, and any system where some people gain at other people’s expense will inevitably fall into ruin, even though it might take a few centuries.






In Stelle and Adelphi we are starting a culture where all are mutually supported in seeking to be as excellent as it is humanly possible to be. Not only is it a practical necessity to have permission from everyone to strive for excellence, but also to have support that moves everyone in a civilization towards that end. I think that any place or any time where such supports exist universally would be like a Nation of God because we would then be living according to God’s laws and, presumably, His intention. God has never spoken to any man about what His true intentions are, but based on the laws that we see always work, He wants the very best of us and for us.


God built into us the capacity to understand beauty and to enjoy pleasure. So, we should have those things because they make us feel human. They enrich us and enlarge us. We also have to work and be concerned about the welfare of other people. We can’t be islands unto ourselves, but neither are we to be sacrificers that other people can walk over like a doormat. We need to be practical and we need to be idealistic. With mutual support for personal growth, cooperation, the cultivation of beauty and pleasure, the desire to work in order to compensate for everything we receive, and an attitude of brotherly love, we can have everything that is good.


I think everybody in this room believes humans have the capacity to live a life of fulfillment in a positive environment of their own making. Yet doubt can arise as to whether Stelle or any other group is able to create such order. Somewhere along the line there will be outsiders who will say, “Hey—those guys have a lot of things we would like to have. Let’s grab those things for ourselves,” not realizing that the basic force that people in Stelle and Adelphi have cannot be stolen. The survivors of the turn of the century in the Nation of God will already have been taught what Natural Law is so that they make their lives conform to it and thus find peace and beauty for themselves as Members of the Brotherhoods.



I don’t want to misinterpret, but it sounds like in order to achieve that Nation of God, we are going to have to go through disasters at the end of the century to clear accounts, and then only certain Egos will be allowed in that Nation of God—while other Egos who are not advanced or good or whatever, just by definition will not be allowed to live there. I don’t see how such a nation could be balanced or whole.



I understand there are more than a billion of us who have achieved Initiation in one lifetime or another. Stelle and Adelphi are trying to get those folks together who are presently incarnate so we can build a firm base from which to eventually uplift everyone in the world. That’s the main task of The Great Plan that Melchizedek initiated and is being brought into functional reality through the work of the seven Lesser Brotherhoods. The Nation of God is to act as a peace corps, as it were, for the whole world. But there needs to be a group of people who are willing to work now to develop the means of our physical survival and to preserve culture and technology for the rest of the world so that after the cataclysm all can be rapidly uplifted to an even higher level than before. That’s the Brotherhoods’ plot. The Nation of God is important because it is a center, a practical pilot plant, as it were, for anyone to see what men can do and what is necessary to make a real civilization work.


Nothing breeds success like success. When people see that something is working, and they are offered the means of doing the same thing themselves, and shown how to do it, and given assistance through teachers and technicians, then this is the most rapid way to uplift the world. Members of The Stelle Group and The Adelphi Organization and, hopefully many of the people sitting in this audience, agree that the Brotherhoods’ Plan is a worthwhile task for themselves. They can see where it is going to benefit themselves and their children. It is a practical dream that is within grasp; so why not give it our best shot? Everyone wants a worthy goal to make their lives meaningful. Here’s one of great moment. As somebody said, “If not you—who? If not now—when?” It is a dream within the realm of real possibility. Moreover, by associating with men and women who aspire to excellence and greatness, one is also uplifted.


Most Christians have the impression that the Kingdom of God is something made by God and afforded to them after they die. The Brotherhoods’ philosophy says that God gave us all of the mental and bodily tools and the raw materials of our planet and is expecting us to work to create the Nation of God on our own. This is quite different from the attitude that we just have to believe and we will enjoy residence there. This can be confusing whether you believe the Kingdom of God is on the Physical Plane or on the Astral Plane. I understand we are entitled to both. I’m willing to do my best to have other people see the dream of the Brotherhoods. Many of us came into incarnation with that dream Egoically already in place and then it’s brought into consciousness just by hearing about it. I know mans cases where it just comes full blown into perception. People tell me, “I know that is what I am here for—to build the Nation of God. But I can’t tell you why I know it so strongly.” Fortunately, there are a lot of people like that. A lot of them are trying to get to be with us here but they are presently tied up with other obligations that they are working to resolve.


The Nation of God is more a practical vision than just a beautiful, idle dream. Let’s work for it, and we’ll have it. There are many good and beautiful people in this world who have a great deal of energy to offer. The Stelle Group and The Adelphi Organization provide places for such people to come together. The Brotherhoods have thereby provided a common rallying point. We are here to show people the possibilities of greater good that they have; but we have to select the ones who are most inclined to actually move themselves in that direction. There are all too many who think, “I want to live in the Kingdom of God, but I hate to go through the effort of making it happen myself. I would rather arrive and enjoy it after everyone else has done the work.” However, it really can’t happen that way. Christ’s program requires people who have the brains, the energy, and the vision to create the Kingdom of God. You have to have all of those things. If you have only two-thirds of those three requirements, it’s not going to work for you. And, unless we gather together those people, The Great ‘Plan will never evolve.


The Brotherhoods are making Their plan coincide with the natural catastrophe that’s coming up at the end of this century. The earth changes also serve as a purification process. It will not make individuals purer; rather it will make the world of man less sophisticated. So, if some people will stand aside from their present society in order to build yet a greater one for the next fifteen years, Christ’s Plan can become a reality. We are not looking for those who are trying to say, “I am one of the Elite, I can be one of these great ones.” If that is your spur then we don’t need you at all because that attitude can lead to great wrongs. But it is true that we are looking for the cream of the cream; and the Brotherhoods make no apologies for that.


If you want to wait and look for a while to see if we are going to do it or not, then you are not helping us. I am not accusing you of anything. I’m just saying such would be the fact. Fortunately, there are people who have prepared themselves over many incarnations to be ready to take on this Great Work, and they have been willing to incarnate at this time in order to make it happen. It is those people whom we are looking for; because it is going to take an almost superhuman effort.


I recall how totally the United States was able to mobilize itself in a matter of a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This country was staggering through the Great Depression yet it mobilized production of military materials, trained millions of service men, waged a war on the other side of two oceans, and did all that in less than four years. We, today, can do anything if we set our minds to it! Certainly, it is within the ability of all of us to contribute to the beginning of the Nation of God. All we need is the money and the energy and the will to do it. So if you want to join me with that vision—Great! ∆


From “The Stelle Group Letter,” April 1985