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The information on this website is posted by students dedicated to the study and practice of the Brotherhoods’ Philosophy. In modern times, this body of information was first given to the public by Dr. Robert Stelle, during the 1940s, as a series of twelve mail-order lessons the essence of which are still available through the Lemurian Fellowship; the current versions bare slight resemblance to the originals. The second outpouring of information was presented by Richard Kieninger in his book, The Ultimate Frontier, first published in 1963 and continued through ten printings; the last being in 2000. He also published The Spiritual Seekers’ Guidebook, The Hidden Christ, What Does It All Mean?, four volumes of Observations, and over a hundred article on various aspects of the Philosophy.


Here you will find many details concerning a way of life that is taught by a group of men and women called of the Brotherhoods, through Their Direct Representatives Robert Stelle and Richard Kieninger. Robert Stelle was the founder of the Lemurian Fellowship and Richard Kieninger was the founder of The Stelle Group and The Adelphi Organization, and the cities of Stelle, Illinois and Adelphi, Texas.


Here, too, you will find chronicled the results of the Brotherhoods’ work during the twentieth-century. The history covers the period from the founding of the Lemurian Fellowship (1936) through the passing of Richard Kieninger (2002) with special emphasis on The Stelle Group, which founded the town of Stelle, Illinois; one of the longest running and most successful communities in the US, which have been founded on the Philosophy of the Brotherhoods.


All of us owe a  debt of gratitude to all those courageous men and women who have participated in this Phase of the Brotherhoods’ Great Plan. Because of their desire to make the world a better place, we have, for the most part, been able to "be in the world but not of the world."